Hedgehogs are waking up hungry and thirsty – water for wildlife

Wild hedgehog drinking from a water bowl

The first wild hedgehog has woken up from hibernation in my garden and he’s really thirsty.

Look how much he drinks!

I leave out a shallow bowl of water all year round. You’d be amazed how much a small hedgehog needs to drink. Providing water helps to prevent them venturing into dangerous places like ponds. In Summer, water is even more vital when they can easily die from dehydration.

I’m getting reports of hedgehogs waking up from hibernation all around the country. This hedgehog has emerged the same week as the first from last year. I’m in York and you will see from the video that the night time temperature is 7 degrees.

Now is the perfect time to be thinking about leaving food and water out for hedgehogs and other wildlife. Also to be thinking about how to make your garden wildlife friendly.

I run a hedgehog hospital in York. My work is entirely self-funded. You can find out more about my work here and also how to support it.


3 thoughts on “Hedgehogs are waking up hungry and thirsty – water for wildlife

  1. Valentina Kindjarsky

    We had our 1st hoggy visiting last night. Also a year to the day! Aren’t they amazing.
    From Flushing in west Cornwall.

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