Improving city green spaces for wildlife

York Railway Pond

Mason (my borrowed doggy) and I loved our walk this morning around the historic railway pond in York. It’s a little way out of the centre of York, not too far from the Knavesmire Racecourse.


Natural fencing around the site

The area is now managed by the York Natural Environment Trust and lots of work is happening to improve the area for wildlife.

Many of the trees have been pollarded to let more light in and provide space for a wider range of species to flourish. It was lovely to see wildflowers, including primroses and comfrey, starting to poke their way through.

Lots of other fantastic ideas as well including the natural fences around the site and lots and lots of log piles. Wonderful homes for insects – essential to feed our wildlife and would make great hedgehog homes too. Also plenty of places to sit and take in this very beautiful and tranquil location. I’m pretty sure that hedgehogs live here because I’ve released some at sites fairly nearby….


Lots of lovely wood piles


It is wonderful to have spaces like this in the city where our wildlife can thrive. The pond is very near to Hob Moor and there is a lovely wildlife corridor pretty much linking the two locations. We need more of these wonderful sites and especially ones that are connected by wildlife corridors.

Well behaved dogs on leads are welcome at the pond.


The woodland has been opened up to allow more species to flourish

Do you have any spaces like this near you?

These locations rely on the hard work and dedication of volunteers so please do support any work happening in your area.

I run a hedgehog rescue in York. You can find out more about my work here and how to support it.

I don’t have a dog of my own but I borrow a doggy via borrowmydoggy.



5 thoughts on “Improving city green spaces for wildlife

  1. This does offer some hope for wildlife standing a better chance of thriving alongside humans. I’ve been quite encouraged by the neighborhood development work of Barratt Developments, which have already begun their mission to build neighborhoods which are wildlife inclusive.

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