Spring Clean our beaches – stop the tide of plastic waste


On my recent holiday to Cornwall, I took part in a Big Spring Beach Clean organised by Surfers Against Sewage.


Godrevy Beach, Cornwall.

I love the beach and the outdoors. It feels right to do something to help tackle the vast tide of plastic waste that is flooding our beaches.

We’ve all seen on the news about the plastic waste that is choking our oceans and it is so sad to see this problem first hand and so close to home.

We spent two hours cleaning the beach and filled our bag with rubbish. It was mainly rope, string, plastic straws, bottle tops and plastic cotton bud stems. Much of the plastic is tangled up in the seaweed along the high tide line. It is devastating to know that what we removed was only the start. The debris goes deep into the layers of the beach. There will be more with the next high tide. Undoubtedly whilst we were there, people were dropping more rubbish on the beach.


My husband carrying our sack of foraged plastic

It wasn’t just the beach that was affected. The stream leading to the beach had also recently flooded and along the floodline was a vast array of plastic that was heading its way down towards the sea.


The results of our efforts – a bag full of plastic waste

This waste is a huge challenge for all of us, the health of our oceans, our wildlife and our own health.

I recently wrote about the problems that plastic waste causes for our hedgehog population.

Please take the time to participate in a Big British Spring Clean or the many two minute beach cleans that are encouraged around the country. Many local villages and residents’ associations organise spring cleans and litter picks too.

Then pledge what you are going to do to reduce your plastic usage. I’ve already swapped to an eco-coffee cup, I try and avoid excess packaging in the supermarket. I’ve recently come across this eco company and am planning some plastic free alternatives to use around the house.

Please let me know how you get on.



5 thoughts on “Spring Clean our beaches – stop the tide of plastic waste

  1. ST Freelance

    Well done, if everyone made small changes and helped imagine what we cold achieve! We have been making changes, the most recent is that we have given ourself a good dose of nostalgia and hired a milk man, those glass bottles take me right back to childhood! x

  2. Superb example to set. The plastic free mission is an extremely tricky one (which is a huge problem). Entering any supermarket is utterly depressing and hopeless. I’ve also started using a few eco sites to cut down on consumption, but just remember to check details of packaging, as some of my orders (a bamboo toothbrush for instance) have arrived in plastic packaging much to my fury!

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