My plastic free shopping tips – and what it’s got to do with hedgehogs


I’m poorly at the moment following hospitalisation after I got cellulitis in my finger. I can’t admit hedgehogs into the hospital but I can carry on my vital awareness raising work.


Wool twine instead of plastic

This blog focuses on my top tips for a plastic free life, plastic free products and shopping. But what does this have to do with hedgehogs? Well plastic causes death and suffering to wildlife around the world. Here in the UK, hedgehogs love to nest in hedgerows – exactly where rubbish gets thrown or blown. Even our own gardens are not plastic free – hedgehogs will nest in any empty plastic bags you leave around or rubbish that blows out of your bin. Read more about hedgehogs and the dangers of plastic waste here.


Loofah can be composted when it wears out – unlike plastic scourers

I’ve got so many things I’m doing to go plastic free that I can’t share them all here but here are some of my top tips

  • Use loofah to clean pots instead of plastic scourers – it can then be composted
  • Use a bamboo toothbrush
  • You can recycle any stretchy plastic e.g. bags that compost or frozen peas come in at the plastic bag recycling in many supermarkets
  • Swap to frozen products in cardboard rather than plastic
  • Take your plastic plant pots to your local garden nursery for re-use
  • Try using paper tape instead of plastic for packaging. I’m trialling some for Little Silver Hedgehog
  • Buy your deodorant in a cardboard, rather than plastic stick
  • Use wool twine rather than plastic ties in the garden
  • Take your own coffee mug instead of buying a take-away
  • Grow your own salad and other vegetables and use your local greengrocer. I’m now pretty much plastic free when it comes to fruit and veg.
  • Take your own plastic box along if you buy from the fish or meat counters or local shops
  • Use kitchen towel rather than wet wipes (which contain plastic)
  • Choose products in glass bottles rather than plastic
  • I buy my beauty products from Lush. You can take the recycled pots back for recycling. I use soap rather than shower get and shampoo and conditioner bars that I keep in soap dishes.
  • Use paper/bamboo cotton buds. Plastic otton buds were one of the most numerous things I saw on my beach clean.

Eco friendly packaging tape. I am trialling this for Little Silver Hedgehog


Next I am going to try making my own joghurt. I’m not even going to buy a yoghurt machine – I’m going to do it the old fashioned way.

I’m sure you’ve got loads more ideas and suggestions. I’d love to hear about how you are going plastic free.

Below are some ideas for online shops that sell plastic free products


The Plastic Free Shop

Anything But Plastic 

Please give me a shout if you have any more suggestions. Keep up the great work everyone!




2 thoughts on “My plastic free shopping tips – and what it’s got to do with hedgehogs

  1. Use bar soap instead of liquid soap and buy your soap powder in cardboard cartons instead of the capsules in plastic containers. Hope you get better soon. Your finger must be terrible to be a hospital case.

  2. Great suggestions – I also fancy the yoghurt challenge. This makes you realise that plastic just made life too easy, which is bound to have a cost; one that we are hopefully all waking up to.

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