Baby wild hedgehog
Helping hedgehogs

Helping hedgehogs leaflet

Happy New Year! Hopefully you have made a New Year’s Resolution to help hedgehogs even more this year. A great way to do this is by spreading the word amongst friends, family and colleagues. You can do this even if you don’t have hedgehogs in your immediate area.

Wild hedgehog in hedgehog boxFollow the link below to download my leaflet about helping hedgehogs covering everything from what to feed them, to how to make your garden wildlife friendly.

I leafleted all the streets where I live and have also placed the leaflet in shops, cafes and garden centres. I even put a plastic leaflet rack on the end of the wall outside my house so that people can pick them up when they walk down the street. All my silver nature jewellery also comes with information about how to help hedgehogs.

helping hedgehogs leaflet

If you would like a Word version of the leaflet so that you can edit it to add your own information or to print more easily, please drop me a line via my contact page.

Thank you for everything you do to help our hedgehogs!

2 thoughts on “Helping hedgehogs leaflet”

  1. I’m quite pleased that I’m actually ticking off most of those boxes, although I do still have a drain that needs covering so that will be my next task. Are you okay with me using this with my wildlife group at school? It’s very helpful and is a great way for me “spread the word”.

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