Handmade silver jewellery

Tiniest hedgehog in the world

Tiny silver hedgehog – the smallest hedgehog in the world

Today i’ve been attempting to sculpt the tiniest hedgehog in the world. Here he is next to a dressmakers pin to give an idea of scale. He’s less than 1cm long.

i’m not quite sure how to finish him or what i’ll turn him into – tiny ornament? Charm? Pin head?

What do you think of him and what he should become?


UPDATE – no longer the only tiny hedgehog in the world! Meet his friends.

An army of tiny clay hedgehog warriors!
So far we have tiny silver hedgehog ornaments, Pandora charms and tiny earrings
Tiny silver hedgehogs – perfect tiny ornaments

I make silver jewellery inspired by nature and wildlife. The proceeds support my hedgehog rescue work. These little hoggies will be made to order at first. Prices from £22 for a teeny tiny hedgehog to £38 for a larger one and £42 on a charm holder. I can also engrave names on the bottom and inset gems in the eyes. To order one, contact me via any of my social media channels or via email here.

You can visit my silver jewellery shop here at www.littlesilverhedgehog.etsy.com

Nature jewellery by Little Silver Hedgehog


6 thoughts on “Tiniest hedgehog in the world”

      1. So ….. LSH ….. can I stake a claim to this prototype, please? I so want him/her! Let me know how much. Earrings and tie pin also come to mind for teeny weeny hog creations …

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