Silver miniature hedgehogs, solid silver hedgehog
Handmade silver jewellery

Silver hedgehog ornaments

Silver hedgehog ornaments – tiny solid silver hedgehog miniatures.

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A few weeks ago, I attempted to sculpt the tiniest silver hedgehog in the world. Here he is next to a tiny pair of dressmakers scissors to give an idea of scale. He’s less than 1cm long. Here he is below fired to solid silver.

Tiny solid silver hedgehog

Since creating the first tiny silver hedgehog ornament, I have created a tiny army of silver hedgehogs. Each one is completely unique and hand-sculpted. So far, I have individual hedgehogs ornaments, hedgehogs on tiny bases, earrings, charms, pendants and cufflinks. I like to think that some of my magic as a hedgehog rescuer has rubbed off on to each hedgehog, giving them a special magic. They certainly feel ‘alive’ to me!

Tiny clay hedgehogs
Clay hedgehog warrior army!

See how I make the tiny hedgehogs – a lovingly created work of art!

Solid silver hedgehog earrings

Solid silver hedgehog earrings
Silver hedgehog earrings – as featured in Yorkshire Life magazine

Silver hedgehog ornaments

Solid silver hedgehog with leaves, flowers and gemstones. Each base is 1.6cm diameter.
‘Hedgehogs in love’ tiny micro sculpture with gemstone eyes

Solid silver hedgehog

tiny silver hedgehog by little silver hedgehog
Solid silver miniature hedgehog with Amethyst gemstone eyes

Hedgehog cufflinks

Solid silver hedgehog cufflinks
Solid silver hedgehog cufflinks with blue gemstone eyes
Solid silver hedgehog earrings with gemstone eyes
Silver hedgehog earrings – now a bestseller on Etsy

Pandora hedgehog charm

Solid silver hedgehog Pandora charm
Solid silver hedgehog Pandora charm with blue gemstone eyes

Silver hedgehog necklace

Solid silver hedgehog pendant with gemstone eyes and flowers

The proceeds from these tiny silver hedgehogs all supports my hedgehog rescue work. Each hedgehog comes gift boxed with an adoption card, a postcard of a rescue hedgehog and information about how to help hedgehogs. A gorgeous gift that also gives back. I can make lots of custom variations including different gemstone eyes.  Prices from £22 for a teeny tiny hedgehog to £38 for a larger one and £42 on a charm holder.  To order your tiny silver hedgehog please contact me via any of my social media channels or via email here.

You can visit my silver jewellery shop here at

Silver nature jewellery by Little Silver Hedgehog

9 thoughts on “Silver hedgehog ornaments”

  1. Hello! I’m so happy that you love the very first little silver hedgie. I have made some that hang on a charm holder for a bracelet or a pendant. Have you seen them? It won’t let me share a picture here……

  2. A hedgehog army to take over GB! My little one is very happy in her new home. Gorgeous!I had an idea (always a worry!) that maybe you could encase a teeny weeny hog in a silver enclosure so s/he could hang on a neck/wrist chain?

  3. So ….. LSH ….. can I stake a claim to this prototype, please? I so want him/her! Let me know how much. Earrings and tie pin also come to mind for teeny weeny hog creations …

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