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Stop netting hedgerows

Coming to a hedge near you – followed by a future where people live in flats, overlooking tarmac, never hearing any bird song.

Developers do this to prevent birds nesting on development sites. This means they can get round laws protecting birds during the nesting period. If there are no birds nesting, the hedgerows can be ripped out at any time. Hedgerows that have flourished for hundreds of years are destroyed for development.

Wildlife can also get trapped in these nets. Any hedgehogs hibernating or living in the hedges become trapped inside or can get tangled in the netting itself. It reduces foraging available for wildlife.


We can change this future. The need for new homes does not have to mean the destruction of habitat and wildlife. There are ways to live in harmony with nature.

We all benefit from living in harmony with nature. I know you know this so please sign the petition…

Thank you x



5 thoughts on “Stop netting hedgerows”

  1. I had not heard of this practice, and I agree it is wicked, and tragically so. I do hope it can be stopped. How is it that so many people seem to be so nature averse and so destructive?

  2. J > We’re confused as to why following your link (which is in WordPress) results in an error or warning message about leaving Facebook. The link is – superficially – direct to the government petitions website, but examining the code for the link it is in fact being routed through Facebook, which is another example of Facebook intercepting what we do, even if we don’t have a Facebook account. Another axis of evil!!!

  3. J & D > It’s wicked, absolutely wicked. This is an example of how mankinds efforts to save the Earth we know and love from disaster are subverted by the forces of self-interest and greed!

  4. Thanks for sharing this petition. I have spent ages on the phone trying to get this stopped. Apparently it’s legal!! Needs stopping in its tracks now.

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