Tiny silver owl sculpture miniature owl
Helping hedgehogs

Miniature owls and birds

I’ve been busy making tiny silver owl and bird ornaments.

IMG_4041Following on from the success of the tiny micro hedgehogs, I thought I would branch out….

Each owl and bird is individually hand sculpted in silver clay with inset gemstone eyes. They fire to solid silver. I love the fact that each one is completely unique and no two will ever be quite the same – making them a very personal gift. Each has its own unique personality and I can use a wide range of different gems for the eyes.

They are so tiny that I have to make them under a magnifying lens, using a set of tiny sculpting tools. It requires a lot of patience and sadly many birds don’t make it to the final stage….

Here’s the first one I made, fired to silver. Sorry, he’s sold already but please get in touch if you’d like to get your hands on a micro owl or micro bird.

Silver micro owl
Tiny owl fired to solid silver. Sorry, he’s sold already.
Tiny silver micro sculptures. Hedgehog in the Spring garden with three gemstone flowers, tiny silver owl and tiny silver bird

This series follows on from my best selling hand sculpted silver hedgehogs. I am still making the hedgehogs to order.

Tiny silver micro hedgehog sculptures with leaves, flowers and gemstones

All my handmade silver jewellery is inspired by nature and wildlife. I’ve been lucky enough to have a close encounter with an owl that fell down my chimney and had to be rescued many moons ago. The tiny bird is inspired by my many garden visitors.

Tawny owl who fell down my chimney
The tawny owl that fell down my chimney is the inspiration for the new owl design. I often hear tawny owls calling in the garden late at night. I wonder if it’s my little rescued owl friend.

I do hope you like the new designs and you can shop my jewellery at www.littlesilverhedgehog.etsy.com


6 thoughts on “Miniature owls and birds”

  1. Such a talent LSH! Lovely! PS – I have hedgehog evidence. Little poos dotted around the garden, and a visitor to a safe feeding station – that could be a hedgehog. Need to get that night vision spyware!

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