Yorkshire Life hedgehog feature
Helping hedgehogs

Hedgehogs in the news

I’m passionate about raising awareness about why our wild hedgehog numbers are plummeting. Although it is important to help sick and injured wildlife, it is so much better to prevent them coming into wildlife hospitals in the first place.

Many thanks to both the Daily Mail, Yorkshire Life Magazine and Yorkshire Living Magazine for these recent features about my work and how to help hedgehogs. You can catch the Yorkshire Living feature in the current (November 2019) edition now.

Hedgehogs in the Daily Mail gardening magazine
Hedgehogs in Yorkshire Life magazine. Made in Yorkshire.
Yorkshire Life magazine hedgehogs and gardening
Yorkshire Living Magazine hedgehogs and jewellery made in Yorkshire
Hedgehogs in Yorkshire Living Magazine, November 2019

I run a hedgehog rescue in York, England. My work is entirely self funded. You can find out more about me and how to support my work here. My background is in marketing and PR and I work as a freelance consultant alongside my hedgehog rescue work.

I also create beautiful handmade silver nature jewellery inspired by the nature and wildlife in my wildlife garden. You can also visit my handmade silver nature jewellery shop online here.

Handmade silver wildlife jewellery by Little Silver Hedgehog in York

8 thoughts on “Hedgehogs in the news”

  1. I do hope that this publicity translates into readers adopting more hedgehog-friendly practices as well as direct support for all you do. Your garden is inspiring and thanks for your ongoing awareness-raising and caring for hedgehogs.

  2. PS Nightly evidence of hogs visiting my new feeding station – eating their supper and leaving little messages of thanks! Still not managed to stay awake into the wee small hours to actually see them.

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