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Hedgehog heroes

I’m Emma Kate Farley. I design silver nature jewellery inspired by nature and British wildlife. My handmade jewellery supports my work helping to save our declining wild hedgehogs. Since 2012, I have been a hedgehog rehabilitator. I nurse sick and injured wild hedgehogs and release them back to the wild. I am also a passionate wildlife gardener and have created a York wildlife garden that I use to help inspire people to garden for insects and wildlife.

8 rescued hedgehogs Little Silver Hedgehog.jpg
Some of the thousands of hedgehogs I have rehabilitated and released
My York wildlife garden

Hedgehog numbers are in dramatic decline in the UK due to a whole range of factors including habitat loss, habitat fragmentation and dangers like roads and ponds.

Baby wild European hedgehog.jpg
Orphaned baby hedgehog in my hedgehog hospital

I have returned thousands of hedgehogs back to the wild so far. The hedgehogs come in with all sorts of problems – orphaned, injured, sick, underweight, strimmed, wounded, stuck in netting, full of internal parasites…. and each one is treated individually, being referred to a vet if necessary. Once they are fully better, I find them a suitable location back in the wild. Often this is where they came from but, if the site is unsuitable, then they are relocated. You can read more about a day in the life of my hedgehog rescue here.

I am passionate about encouraging others to learn about hedgehogs and to make their gardens and neighbourhoods wildlife friendly. I run events throughout the year, including sharing my top tips for wildlife gardening and helping hedgehogs. You can find the latest event list here.

Iggy calendar shot
Iggy, a rescued orphaned European hedgehog

Like all wildlife rescues, my work is entirely self-funded and I receive no funding from the Government or larger wildlife charities. To help raise funds to buy food, medicines and equipment for the hospital, I make silver jewellery inspired by nature and wildlife. Everything is hand made, hand sanded and hand polished by me.

A pair of hand sculpted solid silver hedgehog earrings with blue gemstone eyes

Please read my blog to find out more about the costs of running a hedgehog rescue and how donations are spent.

On my website you will find information about helping hedgehogs and other wildlife, stories about hedgehog rescue and posts about creating my silver jewellery. I also love cats and other wildlife so I blog about those too!

You can visit my nature jewellery shop here.

You can find out all the ways to support my work here.

To follow my hedgehog rescue stories please join me on Facebook

Thank you so much for joining us

Emma and the hedgehogs X

Hedgehog Jewellery by Little Silver Hedgehog.jpg
Wildlife jewellery inspired by nature and handmade by me


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  1. We would like to interview you for Adventures in Cheeseland (cat9984.com). It is written from an animal point-of-view but it’s mainly humans who read it. We know it is a really busy time for you, but you could answer the questions when you have time. A lot of our readers are in the US, but we also have quite a few in places that have hedgehogs. Sincerely, Horatio Hedgehog

  2. Excellent blog! Well done you on both the blog and your volunteering work

    My house borders woodland, and unfortunately, I see very few hedgehogs these days. They used to be regular visitors to the garden, but the one on my blog was the first I’ve seen for about a year.

  3. Thanks for advice on building a hedgehog feeding station. I’ve just been passed to host a release site and should be welcoming my first guest this weekend.
    Tony from Cambridge.

  4. I love your hedgehogs and your jewellery! You are doing such good work with all your hedgehogs. Would I be able to put a link to your blog on my blog? I post photos of our resident hedgehogs and get quite a few people looking in and would love to promote your hedgehog rescue. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hmmmm, holes only have to be 5″ square or slightly less….. not entirely sure how small a hole a chiuahua could get into though. Does it have a history of trying to pick up hedgehogs? You could keep that side blocked but open up the other sides?

  6. Thanks for following my blog. I wanted to work with my neighbours to put gaps in the garden fences for hedgehogs but now my neighbours have got a chiuahau!!!!! Can you think of any way I can provide a gap for hedgehogs which somehow will keep this miniature dog out?

  7. You have a lovely blog, your conservation efforts are too good. Keep it up.

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