The owl that fell down my chimney

Tawny owl who fell down my chimney

Flashback to the day that this gorgeous Tawny Owl fell down my chimney.

You can imagine my shock when I walked into the lounge and found an owl staring back at me! I wasn’t yet fully awake and it gave me the fright of my life!

We have a modern fireplace but it is open so the owl had managed to find its way all the way down the chimney and into the lounge.


I imagine something had frightened the owl or it was trying to find a home. It was a young Tawny. Luckily it was completely unharmed and not even dirty from its ordeal.

I keep a strong pair of gloves in the house for picking up hedgehogs and I managed to throw the fleece blanket over the owl to keep it calm, before picking it up with the gloves.

The gorgeous little visitor inspired a range of heart owl jewellery, celebrating one of my favourite creatures.

Silver owl pendant with peridot birthstone pebble thinner chain

Handmade silver heart owl pendant with peridot pebble and green Swarovski crystal


Silver owl earrings, sterling owl earrings, silver heart owl earrings by Little Silver Hedgehog

Handmade silver heart owl earrings

You can take a look at my heart owl jewellery here.

After a health check, he returned safely to the wild. I still hear tawny owls calling in the trees outside and wonder if any of them is my little friend who fell down the chimney.

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