Hedgehog Jewellery by Little Silver Hedgehog
Handmade silver jewellery

Silver hedgehog jewellery

Hedgehog jewellery for hedgehog lovers

My silver hedgehog jewellery raises funds to support my hedgehog hospital. Like all my silver nature jewellery, it is inspired by the creatures in my wildlife garden. I just love hedgehogs – what’s not to love!?!

Hedgehog Jewellery by Little Silver Hedgehog

Hedgehog name bracelets

A hedgehog name bracelet is he perfect way to remember a hedgehog who has touched your heart. I can stamp any name or word on them and I also make a necklace version.

Hedgehog name bracelet, pet name bracelet
Hedgehog name bracelet

Hedgehog pendants

These gorgeous silver hedgehog pendants all feature inset gemstones. They are a great gift for any hedgehog lover and are that bit more individual with a birthstone.

Silver hedgehog heart pendants with inset gemstones.
Gemstone hedgehog pendants on faux suede cord

Hedgehog bracelets

I can also make hedgehog designs with handmade glass beads. I only have a tiny number of these gorgeous handmade glass lampwork beads so they are very special.

Hedgehog heart bracelet, silver hedgehog bracelet, glass bead bracelet by Little Silver Hedgehog
Hedgehog bracelet with handmade glass lampwork beads

Hedgehog earrings

I also make hedgehogs that can swing from your ears as well as hang from any Pandora charm bracelet.

Silver hedgehog earrings, cute hedgehog earrings, silver wildlife jewellery, silver nature jewellery by little silver hedgehog
Silver hedgehog earrings with purple glass beads

Hedgehog charms

silver hedgehog pandora charm, hedgehog charm, cute hedgehog charm, silver charms by little silver hedgehog.JPG
Silver hedgehog Pandora charm

You can find out more about my story and why I love hedgehogs so much here.

Hedgehog heart pendants, hedgehog heart necklace with inset birthstones, birthstone pendant, birthstone necklace
Hedgehog pendants with inset gemstones

Hedgehog charm bracelets

Teal hedgehog bracelet with blue zircon gemstone on wrist.JPG
Silver hedgehog charm with inset Blue Zircon gemstone on teal faux suede bracelet
Solid silver hedgehog earrings
Solid silver hedgehog earrings with gemstone eyes
Solid silver Pandora hedgehog charm
Solid silver Pandora hedgehog charm with blue gemstone eyes

These cute hand sculpted solid silver hedgehogs are the latest addition to my hedgehog range. Each one is a tiny work of art and completely unique. I can make them as earrings, charms, pendants, bracelets and even tiny ornaments. You’ll find all the hedgehog designs in the hedgehog jewellery section of my etsy shop here.


All my silver hedgehog jewellery supports my work helping to save our wild hedgehogs. You can find out more about me and my work here.

To check out my full range of silver hedgehog jewellery, please visit my online jewellery shop.

Handmade silver nature jewellery
Handmade silver nature jewellery

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