Welcome to Little Silver Hedgehog.

I’m Emma Kate Farley and I run a hedgehog hospital in York, England. I’m also a jewellery designer. I nurse sick and injured wild hedgehogs back to health and release them back to the wild. I’ve rehabilitated over 450 so far.

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Hedgehogs numbers in the UK are declining rapidly and there are now thought to be less than a million left in the wild.

You will find lots of information and advice on this site about how to help hedgehogs, including what to feed them and how to make your garden wildlife friendly. I love gardening and have created my very own wildlife garden in York. Check out the links on the left hand side of the site for all my blog posts. You can find out more about me and my hedgehog rescue here.

I make silver jewellery inspired by nature and wildlife to raise funds for my rescue work. Wildlife rescue work is entirely self-funded and it helps to pay for medicines, food and equipment for the hospital. It is a wonderful gift that also gives back.

I trained as a silversmith and all my designs feature recycled silver.

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If you’ve found the information on this site useful, please consider supporting my work. I run this website and the hospital on a voluntary basis and it is entirely self funded.

Thank you so much

Emma and the hedgehogs


Hedgehog orphans, orphaned hoglets

Orphaned wild hedgehogs.


Little Silver Hedgehog jewellery. The funds raised all support the hedgehog hospital.

Best garden flowers pic

My wildlife garden in York