My Wildlife Garden

My York wildlife garden

I’ve a keen wildlife gardener and I have created a beautiful wildlife garden in the historic city of York. Take a look at my wildlife garden and discover ideas for making your own wildlife haven.

Wildlife garden in Spring
My wildlife garden in Spring

It isn’t an enormous garden – it’s only around 70ft x 30ft but it has all sorts of features that make it fantastic for insects and hedgehogs.

Autumn leaves wildlife garden insect hotel
Wildlife friendly features include a giant insect hotel

Nectar and shelter year round

I don’t use any pesticides or herbicides on the garden and I’ve carefully chosen plants that provide shelter and nectar all year round. I’ve divided the plants that thrive here to save money and make sure that the plants will live for a long time.

In Spring I have a wide range of early flowering bulbs, from geraniums and herbs in Summer through to sedums and dahlias in the Autumn.

Spring garden border
Spring border packed with Forget me nots, Anenomes and Geraniums
I’ve selected plants that provide colour and nectar year round and I leave the leaves for hedgehogs to build nests with and insects to hide under

Insect friendly features

I’ve created a wide range of features to attract insects including log piles, a giant insect hotel, compost heaps and lots of trees and shrubs whose leaves provide shelter both on the tree and in Autumn when they fall.

I also have a hedgehog friendly wildlife pond and lots of hedgehog houses, water and food stations around. Many of the features have been built from free or recycled materials including old pallets or cheap old boxes so being wildlife friendly doesn’t need to cost a fortune or cost the Earth.

Insect hotel bug hotel
My giant insect hotel made predominantly from recycled, freecycled and found materials
Wild hedgehog in hedgehog box
Hedgehog houses give hedgehogs a helping hand when looking for nesting and hibernation sites
Purple loosestrife in the wildlife garden
I leave areas long for wildlife and insects to forage

Please read my blogs for inspiration and tips to use to create your very own wildlife garden. You’ll find links to the blogs below and also in the ‘hedgehog information’ section of my website.

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York wildlife garden in Spring

Top plants for hedgehogs and wildlife

If you are interested in making your garden wildlife friendly, I also run a series of events where you can learn more about wildlife gardening. I can also come and audit your garden and make recommendations about how to make it more wildlife friendly, including what to plant and what wildlife features to include. You can read more about my events and garden audit services here.

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