Silver pebble pendants by little silver hedgehog
Handmade silver jewellery, Helping hedgehogs

Birthstone jewellery

Solid silver birthstone pebble jewellery

I grew up beside the sea and my silver pebble collection is inspired by the pebbly beach of my childhood.

I hand-form each of the pebbles, which are embossed with a delicate nature print. They have a wonderful tactile organic feel.

Solid silver gemstone pebble collection

I have inset a real gemstone into each pebble. I love how the whole set looks together! Here we have Garnet, Ruby, Tanzanite, Peridot, Pink Sapphire and Purple Sapphir

Solid silver birthstone pebble charms
Solid silver Pandora gemstone pebble collection

I can also make the pebbles on a Pandora charm holder to fit on any Pandora or Pandora style bracelet. All feature birthstones and make a stunning birthday or anniversary gift. In this collection we have White Topaz, Ruby, Peridot, Garnet, Blue Zircon and Pink Sapphire.

Custom solid silver owl pendant with Garnet gemstone pebble

I can also incorporate a birthstone gemstone into make of my other designs. This is a custom solid silver owl pendant with Garnet for a graduation – the stone colours match those of the degree ceremony.

Custom solid silver paw print bracelet with Blue Zircon pebble

This stunning solid silver paw print bracelet features a pale Blue Zircon gemstone that is almost Aquamarine in colour.

Solid silver flower pebble pendant with Swarovski crystal
Custom pandora for corina
Custom silver birthstone Pandora pebble charm with Blue Zircon. I have hand engraved initials on the back of this charm to personalise it

Each of the solid silver pebbles is hand-made and no two are exactly the same (although I can make them quite similar if you would like). They make the perfect gift for a special occasion – reflecting the uniqueness of the recipient. Nothing mass produced here!

To peruse my silver gemstone pebble collection, please visit my shop here. You can visit the pebble Pandora charm collection here. I can make virtually all my designs with a gemstone pebble alongside so please get in touch if you have a particular gemstone or colour in mind.

Thank you for looking

Little Silver Hedgehog


Handmade silver nature jewellery by little silver hedgehog
Handmade silver nature jewellery by little silver hedgehog

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