Hedgehog house
Helping hedgehogs

Where to place your hedgehog house

How to site your hedgehog box to attract a resident. I’ve made a little video with my top tips.

Hedgehog box in a quiet, sheltered location in the garden underneath foliage

A great read once you’ve bought one or made your own using my guide. Research indicates that how you site your hedgehog box is very important for your chances of attracting a resident so I do highly recommend following this advice.

I’d love to see your pics and how you get on.

I run a hedgehog hospital in York, England. Like all wildlife rescues, my work is entirely self-funded. You can support my work here.

I also make silver jewellery inspired by nature and wildlife to raise funds to support my work. You can visit my online jewellery shop here www.littlesilverhedgehog.etsy.com

10 thoughts on “Where to place your hedgehog house”

  1. Should i put nesting material in the hedgehog box or leave it empty for them to take material in themselves?

  2. We are thrilled that our local animal rescue hosp in Orsett have given us 4 hogs 2of each sex, rang today to see if we’d like anymore as still have lots & now getting inundated with autumn ones too, so will get some more hog hses for them, we bought 2 for the ones we have now + found a nest from earlier this yr prob frm the 5 that visited in the summer, we’re thrilled to bits, they’ve a 30ft by 5ft private bit of garden behind my husbands shed/workshop, which is an old precast garage also few drs up there’s a big field, with woods & our beautiful wild deer behind, it’s a real wildlife paradise here, & only a mile frm the M25 roundabout too

  3. Dry or meaty cat food is perfect, but mealworms are harmful as they can cause metabolic bone disease in hedgehogs, which can kill.

  4. Our Hedgehog we rescued last year was hibernating under out shed since Christmas day woke up Sunday night.So we are back to feeding the pate cat food,a few of the dry cat food with a sprinkle of meal worms and it is eating most of what we are giving.What a time for it to wake up….it was mild but damp but now we are having hail and snow showers today!

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