Silver badger necklace by little silver hedgehog
Handmade silver jewellery

Badger jewellery

Beautiful silver badger jewellery!

My handmade silver badger jewellery inspired by my love of badgers and all wildlife. I’ve been lucky enough to get up close to a badger in the wild before so I thought it was more than time that I created some unique badger jewellery.

Badger charm bracelet

Silver badger charm bracelet
Silver badger charm bracelet

These gorgeous little badger charms are handmade in solid silver. I then patinate the badger to give him his dark striped coat.

Badger charms

I’ve also made a badger tracks charm and think they look particularly lovely alongside each other on these stunning faux suede bracelets.

Badger and badger tracks charms on faux suede bracelet

Badger pendant

My latest badger design features this Art Nouveau inspired badger with leaves, flowers and a Peridot gemstone.

Silver badger necklace by little silver hedgehog
Silver badger pendant with leaves, flowers and Peridot gemstone

The proceeds of all my jewellery supports my work raising awareness of the decline of our wild hedgehogs. I know badgers are one of the only natural predators of hedgehogs so you can kind of see it as hedgehog karma that badgers are somehow helping them out!

Badger earrings

Silver badger earrings
Silver badger earrings

Badger cufflinks

Badger cufflinks

Not that I blame badgers for the decline in hedgehog numbers. Although a badger will eat a hedgehog, hedgehogs are still declining in urban gardens where there are few badgers. All wildlife is suffering due to habitat loss caused by humans. They are being squeezed into smaller and smaller habitats and forced to eat what they can to survive.

So I love badgers and hedgehogs and I love that these badgers help the hedgehogs!

p.s I know it’s not badgers but whilst we are on the subject of tracks, I just had to share the new hedgehog feets charm – available in my shop here.

These teeny silver hedgehog feet are my latest charm and look particularly charming alongside the hedgehogs!

You can shop my badger designs and other nature themed jewellery at

I am a hedgehog rehabilitator and jewellery designer based in the historic city of York, England. All my jewellery is unique and handmade in solid silver and much of it is inspired by wildlife and my nature garden. The proceeds support my hedgehog hospital and you can read more about me here, as well as how to support my work.

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