Birthstone paw pendant and birthstone pet charm
Handmade silver jewellery, Helping hedgehogs

Paw print pet jewellery

Paw print jewellery for pet lovers featuring cat and dog paw prints.

Paw print Jewellery by Little Silver Hedgehog.jpg

My silver paw print pet jewellery is a beautiful way to cherish your pet or remember a loved and lost pet. It is all handmade in recycled silver.

Pet memorial charm bracelets

Solid silver pawprint charms by Little Silver Hedgehog
Silver paw print charm bracelet

I am a huge animal lover myself. As well as running a hedgehog hospital, I have two rescue cats and also ‘borrow’ a doggy for walks. I hope that my love for animals will rub off on your special piece of pet jewellery.

Alfie 2017
Alfie – one of my two rescue cats

My silver paw print jewellery is pawfect for any pet lover.  I can make pawprints as charms, pendants, bracelets, tie pins, cufflinks, keyrings and earrings. All the designs are made by me by hand and they are hand sanded and polished. All the proceeds help pay for food, medicine, equipment and vet bills for the hedgehog hospital. My hedgehog rescue is entirely self-funded so it’s a really vital source of funds.

I can personalise the paw print jewellery to create something unique for you, including using birthstone gemstones or fabric bracelets. I can also hand engrave the name of your pet on the reverse of the jewellery.

Paw print liberty bracelet

paw print liberty bracelet on teal ribbon
Solid silver paw print pendant on Liberty fabric bracelet. I could also make a pendant on this fabric and have a wide variety of colours to choose from.
Personalised pet jewellery – I can hand engrave a name, initials or word on the back of the jewellery to help remember your pet

If you are looking for something extra-special to remember a lost pet, I can also embed . pet ashes into the centre of the jewellery. You can’t see it but it will always be there, right next to you. Please get in touch if you would like a custom piece of jewellery.

Cat paw pendant

Pawprint heart with inset blue zircon.JPG
Silver cat paw pendant with birthstone
Paw print pendant with blue zircon pebble.JPG
Pet paw print pendant with Blue Zircon pebble and Swarovski crystal bead

Paw print earrings

silver pawprint earrings, silver cat paw earrings, silver dog paw earrings, paw print earrings by little silver hedgehog
Silver paw print earrings
Large and small birthstone paw print pendants in hand.JPG
Pet loss pendant and charm – both inset with Amethysts

Pandora pet charms

Silver pawprint heart Pandora charm by Little Silver Hedgehog
Pandora paw print charm for hanging on any Pandora or similar bracelet
Pet keepsake bracelet with birthstone gems

Cat memorial bracelet

Cat memorial bracelet

This cat memorial bracelet is a custom piece created in memory of six special cats loved and lost. Each of the cat charms is slightly different including cat paws and cat charms. The names of the cats are engraved on the back.

You can see some of my other pet jewellery designs below.

Paw print pet jewellery by Little Silver Hedgehog

I run a hedgehog rescue in York, England. You can find out more about me here and also how to support my work.

My handmade silver jewellery shop is online here.

Silver wildlife jewellery
Silver wildlife jewellery

Thank you so much for looking!

Emma and the hedgehogs


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