British wildlife jewellery by Little Silver Hedgehog
Handmade silver jewellery

British wildlife jewellery

British wildlife jewellery

Wildlife jewellery Collection

My silver wildlife jewellery is inspired by my passion for wildlife – the creatures that visit my York wildlife garden and the creatures and birds I see in the Yorkshire countryside. I have created a wildlife jewellery collection featuring the best of British wildlife.

Jewellery for a cause

All of my silver jewellery comes with information about helping hedgehogs and I hope it will inspire the recipient to take action to save our wildlife. Barn owl numbers have recovered  in recent years thanks to conservation efforts so hopefully we can do the same for our hedgehogs.

Much of our precious wildlife is in trouble – facing the same challenges of habitat loss, over use of pesticides and a range of other human-caused dangers including roads. It’s more important than ever to raise awareness and fight for our precious wildlife.

Woodland creature jewellery

My wildlife jewellery collection features our most loved woodland animals. The owls that call from my garden trees and the fox cubs that play in the garden at night.

My woodland and hedgerow jewellery collection would make a perfect gift for any wildlife or nature lover.

Barn Owl Jewellery

Tiny silver owl bracelet, silver owl bracelet, heart owl bracelet by little silver hedgehog
Silver owl bracelet – its face is a heart shape making it a fabulous valentines or anniversary gift

Fox Jewellery

Silver fox charm, pandora fox charm, handmade fox charm, fox lover gift, sterling fox charm
Silver fox charm. It can come on a charm bead to hang from any Pandora bracelet

Bee jewellery

Silver bumblebee earrings, silver bee earrings, silver honeybee earrings by little silver hedgehog
Silver bee earrings. Bees are my favourite insects but are facing the same reasons for decline as hedgehogs including over-use of pesticides. These would make a fabulous gift for a gardener or bee keeper.

Hedgehog jewellery

Silver hedgehog pendant with blue glass bead, silver hedgehog necklace, hedgehog jewellery by little silver hedgehog
Hedgehog jewellery – hedgehogs remain a key inspiration
Silver pawprint Pandora charms, silver paw charm, dog paw charm, cat paw charm, handmade silver charms by Little Silver Hedgehog.JPG
Paw print jewellery

Badger jewellery

Badger charm and badger tracks charm.JPG
Badger charms

Woodland wildlife bracelets

woodland charm bracelet, british wildlife charm bracelet, silver wildlife charm bracelet, nature lover silver charm bracelet
British wildlife bracelet
Wildlife charm bracelet featuring british wildlife charms
Silver wildlife bracelet
woodland charm bracelet, british wildlife charm bracelet, solid silver wildlife charm bracelet
Woodland charm bracelet featuring hand sculpted solid silver owl, wren and hedgehog

All of my silver jewellery is made by hand by me. It is hand sanded and polished and comes presented in a recycled card gift box with a hedgehog rescue postcard and information about helping hedgehogs. It is also made from recycled silver so you are helping the environment too. It’s an ethical gift that gives back – if you can bear to part with it!

You can visit my jewellery shop here.

Handmade silver nature jewellery by little silver hedgehog
Handmade silver nature jewellery by little silver hedgehog

Thank you so much for looking

Emma and the hedgehogs


8 thoughts on “British wildlife jewellery”

  1. What an experience to have. They are such mystical creatures to me and It always pains me to hear about their persecution at the hands of farmers and government policy. Hoping to view them from a respectable distance with a wildlife photography expert in Devon this summer myself.

  2. Totally agree, everything is the fault of humans and making wildlife compete for ever smaller habitat. I love all wildlife and it breaks my heart about the badgers. We have one visits my mum’s garden in Devon and I’ve had the privilege of watching them in a sett in Somerset. Really hope they are still alive 😦

  3. Good point well made…although the animal welfare groups would no doubt have an opinion on that one. 😉 Have a great day!

  4. The hedgehogs in NZ vs UK makes an interesting comparison eh? Here they are kind of successful but are a public enemy, in the UK they are loved but struggle to survive. Go figure.

  5. Hi there. You aren’t going to believe this…my wife owns some earrings she bought from you…and that is since we moved to Auckland, New Zealand…and now you have just liked a post on my blog completely independently! Incredible coincidence eh? 🙂 Your products are awesome!

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