Wild hedgehog in hedgehog box
Helping hedgehogs

Hedgehog talks, courses and events

Hedgehog talks and wildlife safari events

I run online courses about hedgehogs and the reasons behind their decline, hedgehog first aid, wildlife gardening and foster caring wild hedgehogs.

I occasionally run Open Garden events with the chance to explore my York wildlife garden and also silver clay jewellery workshops.

You can find all details of all forthcoming online and in-person events here.

Hedgehog rescue, hedgehog rehabilitation

If you can’t join an event, you can still support my work in other ways here. You can also read my top tips for creating a wildlife garden and purchasing a wildlife camera to record the night life in your own garden.

My events help raise vital funds for my rescue work, which is entirely self-funded. You can read more about my work and what your donations support here..

Handmade nature jewellery by little silver hedgehog

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