Santa hedgehog
Helping hedgehogs

How to help hedgehogs in Winter


Wishing all of my followers a very Happy Christmas and New Year. A huge thank you for all your support over the past year and for everything that you have done to help our hedgehogs.

If you have any spare time over the Christmas holidays, there are still plenty of things you can do to help our hedgehogs over Winter. Hedgehogs don’t always hibernate, especially if it is mild. They will also wake up during milder spells to have a bite to eat or even to move nest. Leave out food and water for as long as hedgehogs are visiting. I leave out dried food in a feeding station and change it when it starts to get a little soggy. I leave out water all year round in frost-proof dishes.

Winter is also a great time to check that all your hedgehog holes are still in place and to create any new ones whilst the foliage has died back.

Hedgehog hole hedgehog highway
Hedgehog hole to link gardens

If you have some more spare time over the darker months, it’s also a great time to build your own hedgehog hibernation box or feeding station ready for the Spring. You could even start doing some garden planning thinking about all the insect and wildlife friendly plants to grow from Spring. Late Winter is also a great time to plant new hedging and pop in a new garden tree or two. Pick one with medium sized leaves for hedgehogs to use for their nests and with plenty of flowers in Spring and berries in Autumn.

Hedgehog water bowl
I leave out a bowl of water for wildlife all year round

Most hedgehogs will be hibernating by now so please take care not to disturb them if you are doing any gardening over Winter. Favoured spots are in piles of leaves, under large plants, in compost heaps and under sheds and decking. If you do accidentally disturb a sleeping hedgehog, here is what to do.

hibernating hedgehog
A hibernating hedgehog

I leave out piles of dry hay around the garden under something to keep it dry and hedgehogs can come and take some if they decide to move nests over Winter. Other than that, I don’t disturb them until they wake in Spring. Once I know they have emerged, mid April is a great time to check and clean out all your hedgehog boxes. Give them a good hot wash out and replace with dry hay inside. It is the only time of year I would recommend doing this unless you are absolutely sure there is not a hedgehog inside.

Have a fabulous Christmas everyone and thanks again for everything you do to help our hedgehogs.

Emma and the rescue hedgehogs


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