Spring wildlife garden
Helping hedgehogs, wildlife gardening

Top plants for hedgehogs and wildlife

What plants to grow in your garden to attract hedgehogs and other wildlife.

Spring wildlife garden
Helping hedgehogs

Video tour of my wildlife garden

Join this video tour of my wildlife garden and discover my top tips for creating your own wildlife garden.

Wild hedgehogs in garden
Helping hedgehogs

Build a hedgehog feeding station

Want to feed hedgehogs but not your neighbourhood cats? A hedgehog feeding station may well be the answer. It also helps to keep the food and the hedgehog dry when it is raining. Hedgehogs aren't keen on rain! There are lots of options for feeding stations. You can buy a ready made one, I use… Continue reading Build a hedgehog feeding station

Hedgehogs feeding in garden
Helping hedgehogs

WANTED – homes for hedgehogs!

"I want a garden hedgehog!" If I had a pound for every time I've heard that, I would be a rich woman! I'm on the lookout for suitable hedgehog release sites for hedgehogs that have spent the time in care. I want the best of the best for these rehabilitated hedgehogs so please let me… Continue reading WANTED – homes for hedgehogs!