Foxes in garden, wild foxes, fox and cub
Helping hedgehogs

Fox cub visitor

I’m thrilled to have this baby fox cub visiting my wildlife garden. I’ve been feeding the mum for some time so it is wonderful to be rewarded by her bringing her cub to visit.

This video shows the first encounter between the cub and a visiting hedgehog. Love how the cub hides behind the hedgehog feeding station, unsure what is on the other side.

The next time the cub meets the hedgehog, they are both very surprised and the hedgehog lets out a little scream.

Here is the fox cub visiting with its mum.

And the fox cub taking a drink from the wildlife water bowl. It is so important to leave water out for wildlife year round

The female fox that I have been feeding for some time, before she brought her cub to visit:

I run a hedgehog hospital in York, England and feed all the wildlife in my wildlife garden. You can find out more about me here.

I make silver jewellery inspired by nature and wildlife to raise funds for my hedgehog rescue work. Please visit my shop at


5 thoughts on “Fox cub visitor”

  1. Delightful wildlife imagery! Still researching spycams. Currently looking at a Browning Spec Ops Advantage – £189.99 from Nature Spy. Looks good and highly recommended.
    PS Prototype hedgehog gourmet feeding station working a treat! Pics soon! x

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