wild hedgehog diet
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The wild hedgehog diet – why beetles not slugs are the No.1….

What do wild hedgehogs eat? Why hedgehogs prefer eating beetles to slugs and what food you should leave out for hedgehogs.

Insect hotel, bug house, wildlife hotel
Helping hedgehogs

How to build a bug hotel – DIY insect house

My guide to how to build a giant insect hotel.

Spring wildlife garden
Helping hedgehogs

Top plants for hedgehogs and attracting insects

What plants to grow in your garden for hedgehogs. Help hedgehogs thrive in your garden with this guide to plants that are great for our spiky friends. Contrary to popular belief, hedgehogs don't mainly eat slugs. Their favourite foods are beetles and caterpillars. Growing plants to attract insects is therefore one of the best things you can… Continue reading Top plants for hedgehogs and attracting insects