Elderly wild hedgehog old wild hedgehog
Helping hedgehogs

How old is my hedgehog? How to identify an elderly hedgehog

The pigment of hedgehog noses turns pink with age. How to identify the age of a wild hedgehog.

Hedgehog wound from plastic cable tie
Helping hedgehogs

Hedgehog trapped in plastic cable tie

Treating the wounds of a hedgehog found with a plastic cable tie around its body.

Baby wild hedgehog
Helping hedgehogs

Always wear gloves – the importance of hygiene in wildlife rescue

Hygiene is vital when running a wildlife rescue. Find out why wearing gloves is so vital.

British wildlife jewellery by Little Silver Hedgehog
Handmade silver jewellery

British wildlife jewellery

Wildlife jewellery inspired by British wildlife. My range includes hedgehogs, foxes, owls and badgers.

Wild hedgehog in hedgehog box
Helping hedgehogs

Releasing rehabilitated hedgehogs back to the wild

How to release rehabilitated and over-wintered hedgehogs back to the wild. I release hedgehogs back to the wild year round except for in the middle of Winter. To give the hedgehogs the best chance, here are some of the factors I bear in mind when releasing. It has to be 5 degrees or above at… Continue reading Releasing rehabilitated hedgehogs back to the wild

Wild European hedgehog
Helping hedgehogs

The cost of running a hedgehog hospital

What does it cost to run a hedgehog rescue? Of course you cannot put a price on the life of a hedgehog like Andy. Hedgehog numbers are in sharp decline and every prickly life is precious. But did you know that the vast majority of wildlife rescues are entirely self-funded and do it just for… Continue reading The cost of running a hedgehog hospital