Birthstone pebble charms
Handmade silver jewellery

Silver nature jewellery

Handmade silver nature jewellery

I love nature and wildlife and it inspires everything I do so I thought I’d show you how I translate nature into my botanical jewellery.

I make my handmade jewellery using silver clay. I trained in traditional silver-smithing but I love the versatility of silver clay and the way I can literally take nature and emboss it into my designs. I hunt for flowers, leaves, twigs, seeds, shells and anything with a beautiful pattern that I can use to emboss into the clay. I’ve always got a little bag with me for foraging trips in the woods, meadows and seashore.

Making hearts with gems
Charms made in silver clay
Fired charms ready for sanding and polishing


I love taking real leaves from my wildlife garden to create designs. Each piece of jewellery is completely unique, just like the leaf used to create it.

This leaf imprint pendant is set with real garnet gem
Silver leaf and sapphire pendant by Little Silver Hedgehog
Leaf imprint pendant featuring an inset blue sapphire – I call this pendant ‘raindrop on a leaf’

I’m a keen gardener and I often look to my own garden for my nature inspiration. I particularly love the delicate blue forget-me-nots that flower in the Spring and have incorporated them into many designs.

Silver flower pendant by little silver hedgehog.JPG
Solid silver pendant with embossed forget-me-not flower


White topaz flower earrings by little silver hedgehog.JPG
White topaz flower earrings inspired by Spring flowers in my garden
Knapton lane garden.JPG
My garden and the colours and flowers that inspire my work. The forget-me-nots are at the front of the beds.
Daisy chain bracelet by little silver hedgehog.JPG
Daisy chain bracelet with embossed forget-me-nots

As well as embossing direct from nature, I also create designs based on what I see in the garden.  Here are my bumble bee earrings.

Silver bumblebee earrings, silver bee earrings
Silver bumble bee earrings

My next plan is to try embossing with the delicate leaves of herbs in the garden and I’d love to try moulding from an acorn……

Thank you so much for reading. I’d love to know what you think of my work and its nature inspiration.

You can visit my shop selling handmade silver nature and wildlife jewellery at

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