Hedgehog self annointing
Helping hedgehogs

Baby hedgehog self anointing

Hedgehog self anointing

Baby hedgehog self anointing

Hedgehogs encountering a new taste or smell display this amazing behaviour called ‘self-anointing’. They foam at the mouth and then contort their bodies as they spread the saliva onto their spines.

No one really knows quite why they exhibit this behaviour but it is amazing to watch. This video is of a baby hedgehog who is encountering a new type of food for the first time. He can’t contain his excitement! Note how long his tongue is!

If you’d like to find out more about rearing baby wild hedgehogs, please check out this blog.

I run a hedgehog hospital in York, England. My work is entirely self-funded. You can find out more about me here and also how to support my work.

I also make silver jewellery inspired by nature and wildlife. You can visit my jewellery shop here.

Silver wildlife jewellery
Silver wildlife jewellery

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