Hedgehog in nebuliser chamber treating pneumonia
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Treating a hedgehog with pneumonia

Treating a hedgehog with pneumonia using a nebuliser.

Hedgehog with foot injuries
Helping hedgehogs

Hedgehog with foot and limb injuries

Treatment of a hedgehog with foot injuries.

Three legged wild hedgehog amputee
Helping hedgehogs

Hedgehog leg amputation – three legged hedgehog

Can wild hedgehogs survive with a missing leg? Meet Rupert. He arrived with me in 2016 as a small hoglet. He was only 300g. When I inspected him I could smell that something wasn't right. Wildlife rescuers go a lot by smell - you get to know the smell of infection and poo that is… Continue reading Hedgehog leg amputation – three legged hedgehog

Wild European hedgehog
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The cost of running a hedgehog hospital

What does it cost to run a hedgehog rescue? Of course you cannot put a price on the life of a hedgehog like Andy. Hedgehog numbers are in sharp decline and every prickly life is precious. But did you know that the vast majority of wildlife rescues are entirely self-funded and do it just for… Continue reading The cost of running a hedgehog hospital

Wild european hedgehog
Helping hedgehogs

Find a hedgehog rescue

Information about how to find a hedgehog rescue for sick and injured hedgehogs.